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We are professional Angle Seat Pneumatic Valve factory and supplier in China.We can produce Angle Seat Pneumatic Valve according to your requirements. More types of Angle Seat Pneumatic Valve wanted, please contact us right now!

Angle Seat Pneumatic Valve
Angle Seat Pneumatic Valve (BTB723905J-25)
Angle seat valve switch signal output
Angle seat valve  widely used in fluid control industry, such as Filling System, Beer brewing, Chemical Industry, Rubber Machinery, Food Industry, Textile Industry, Vacuum Washing Machine, High-temperature Cleaning Equipments and so on. It is applicable to water, up to 200℃ steam, Iiquid, neutral gas, slight corrosive gas and liquid. 

Installation notice
1.Make sure that the model and parameter of the pneumatic valve are in accordance with the site installation and technical requirement.
2.Make sure the valve cylinder and position indicator without damage.
3.Clean the pipe of the pneumatic valve. If any matter inside the medium, please also install the filter valve in the front of the valve pipe.
4.Install as per direction of the arrow on the valve body; Connect the valve mouth to the pipe and make sure the connection is well sealed.
5.If the pneumatic valves are equipped with electric valve, please insure that the connection is well sealed.
6.Avoid to heat the packing of the pneumatic valve while connected by welding.
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